What In The World Are You Waiting For? - Angelique du Toit

What In The World Are You Waiting For? - Angelique du Toit


Would you be willing to give up your old routine way of living and give yourself the highest opportunity to live your best life for the rest of the time you have on earth?

Imagine a life of bubbling-over joy and fresh hope that’s served daily – like hot bread; freedom from daunting fear; enjoying rewarding relationships; exuding captivating confidence and living in expectation of structured success That truth is contained in What in the World Are You Waiting For? and the results no longer need to be confined just to your imagination or your wish list The outcomes will be experienced in your life – practically, consistently and powerfully effectively

So, what in the world are you waiting for? Now is YOUR time to arise!


Publisher: ‎Struik Christian Media
Language: ‎English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
153 x 223 x 15mm
ISBN: ‎9781415337714

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