A Message from God - Aldo McPherson, Rehta Mcpherson

A Message from God - Aldo McPherson, Rehta Mcpherson


“Message from God” is about 12-year-old Aldo Mc Pherson who sustains severe brain injuries in a near-fatal car accident. The book tells how God miraculously first heals him and how today speaks to him through the Holy Spirit. It also contains letters and journal inscriptions from Aldo in his own handwriting as he tries to convey the central message that Jesus is alive and coming back for His bride. The first part of the book is a powerful testimony of God’s healing power and love for His children, while the last section of the book teaches the principles for living an abundant life. “People don’t know or recognize the power of God anymore,” says Retha Mc Pherson. “Whenever God’s awesome power is manifested and miracles happen, people are skeptical, asking, ‘What church do they belong to?’ But, I want to tell people that God still performs miracles today. He still talks to His children and He cannot stand lukewarm Christians.” Retha explains that God wants our all. “He wants your entire life Not just your heart,” she explains.

Filled with Scripture references, and direct quotes from the Bible, “Message from God” will ignite the sparks of the Holy Spirit in your life and bring you closer to God. Aldo’s letters, describing his experience, give a sense of authenticity not often found in miracle stories. This book challenges the complacent church to be introspective. It asks: Is God still your first love? Are you sold out to Him? These and other pertinent questions have started the debate in the church about its Christ expectancy and are causing a stir among people from all denominations who seek God’s face in earnest.


 Corals Publishers
Pages: 175
140 x 210 x 9.65mm

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