Enjoy Emotional Freedom - Steve Wells, David Lake

Enjoy Emotional Freedom - Steve Wells, David Lake


By teaching a simple system of tapping on the body’s meridian points, this book enables you to tune and tone your body’s energy system for the immediate benefit of relaxation and a reduction of the body’s stress responses. The techniques can also be used to help resolve a number of emotional issues, typically fear, anxiety and pain. There are very few techniques that ordinary people can use alone to gain some control over dysfunctional feelings, but this is one of them, allowing anyone to get results without having to be psychologically minded or clever. The book is full of deceptively simple yet highly effective tips and strategies that guide you into ways of being better balanced and more emotionally fit, regardless of any negative thinking you might be saddled with at present. It gives you the life-long gift of being able to help yourself far more than you ever imagined possible.


St. Pauls
Pages: 248

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