Finding My Way Home - Henri J.M. Nouwen

Finding My Way Home - Henri J.M. Nouwen


Pathways to Life and the Spirit

Four soul-searching essays from Henri Nouwen explore how weakness and waiting connect us with God’s power and reveal the path of peace and community, and invites the reader to set aside worldly struggles and, in trusting service, to be surprised by joy. In this collection of essays, Nouwen shares some of his experiences of living in a community with mentally challenged people to offer insight into the opportunities that we all have to bring greater depth and meaning to our lives. He also relates how his brush with death transformed his fear of mortality into a sense of comfort and homecoming. Nouwen reminds us that being – not doing  will sustain us and that if we fill our hearts with love, we can follow Christ’s guidance in gentleness, mercy, and justice.


St. Pauls
Pages: 160

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