Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? - Horace O. Duke

Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? - Horace O. Duke


A “practical theology” for everyday life that dares to offer answers to the igniamns of tragedy and evil. The author takes readers beyond the traditional “Why does evil occur” “Why do good people experience random bad?” Taking these issues head-on, the author presses for the deeper quest—Where is God when bad things happen? What is God doing when evil triumphs over good? Gone fishing? sleeping? Or, just simply too disinterested in care?

Through the experiences of real persons and their encounters with evil, the reader is invited to a new perception of who God is and how God relates to persons at a time of suffering.

Where was God when I was raped? I was just a kid! I needed help. What was God doing?

Thomas’ question started Chaplain Horace Duke on a new journey into his own faith, radically changing his thinking about God, and in many ways changing his life.

Out of the harsh realities of human experience, and in the tradition of Rabbi Harold Kushner and Philip Yancey, Duke fashions a “practical theology” that can provide the reader with new peace, understanding and resolve.


St Pauls
Pages: 190

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