Breakfast With God (Quiet Moments With God) - David C. Cook

Breakfast With God (Quiet Moments With God) - David C. Cook


HAVE BREAKFAST WITH GOD AND START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT! Here’s the nutritious spiritual breakfast you’ve been craving! These fresh one-a-day meditations give you a powerful combination of scriptures, stories, quotes, and other uplifting ingredients to get you going–and growing–in the right direction. That cup of coffee may be the first thing your body craves in the morning, but your heart and your mind also need wake-up stimulation–from God’s Word! From the Quiet Moments With God series of devotionals, Breakfast With God gives you a balanced beginning to every day. You’ll find renewed enthusiasm, challenging direction, and a quiet refuge on every page. You wouldn’t expect to make it through the morning without a nutritious breakfast, so why skimp on spiritual nourishment? Start your day with full-strength spiritual inspiration!


Pages: 157
Dimensions: 133 x 19 x 190.5mm

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