Sunset With God (Quiet Moments With God)

Sunset With God (Quiet Moments With God)


EXPERIENCE HIS REST AT THE END OF YOUR DAY! You know you’re more refreshed, healthy, energetic, and creative during daylight hours if you take time to really rest at night! Much more than sleep, though, your heart, mind, and spirit need the powerful renewal found only in His presence of him. Now you can get the soul-refreshment you need through these powerful little devotions! Part of the Quiet Moments With God series, Sunset With God includes powerful scriptures, inspiring stories, uplifting-quotes, and much more. Each one of these serene, read-in-a-minute meditations will help you slow down and refocus on the four essentials for authentic success: your relationship with God, your family life, daily study of Scripture, and time for spiritual, physical, and emotional rejuvenation. You deserve some honest-to-goodness rest after a hard day of work! Pamper yourself tonight and turn to the tranquility and renewal of Sunset With God. You’ll look forward to your setting sun!


Pages: 199
Dimensions: 133 x 19 x 184mm

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